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Xenetech Graphic Workstation v6
Xenetech Graphic Workstation v5 (Legacy)
Laser/Rotary Print Driver (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10)
Laser Driver for XP (Legacy)
Rotary Driver (Legacy)
Viper Communication Suite (VCS)
Jobserver (Legacy)
Viper Driver (Legacy)
Other Utilities
Manuals and Documents
Misc. Downloads

Please choose your desired download. Some considerations must be given to the operating system hosting the software installer. Please select the appropriate download. Should you require further assistance, please refer to the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Xenetech Graphic Workstation 6 Series

**** New XGW v6.59.132.5 Update Now Available ****

File Version Size Comment
XGW Full Install 65.38 MB

Full Install of XGW

Contains fix for Windows 10 Updates

Compatible with Windows Win7,Win8,Win8.1 and Windows10 (x32/x64) !!

*** Also this version will install Microsoft's 2008 C++ Library needed for XGW ***

Please note, if you use an Aurora or older XLT servo/servo laser, you will need to set aside a few minutes for support from Xenetech technicians.

XGW Update 65.11 MB

Update for XGW 6.59 Series. Current update version is

 Contains fix for Windows 10 Updates

**NOTE** You may use this Update if you already have 6.58.130 or newer installed. If you have an older version you must use the Full Install above.

New for this release   442 KB New for this release.

Xenetech Graphic Workstation v5 (Legacy)

File Version Size Comment
Xenetech Graphic Workstation Update 5.6 5.94 MB Update for XGW v5. Core XGW must be installed on PC before installing update. If program is not already installed, please locate your Xenetech CD.  Comatible with 98/ME.

** UPDATED with Bezier output for Laser and Viper Systems **

Xenetech Print Driver Now for Laser and Rotary Engraving Systems. Compatable with Windows 7 ~ 10

File Version Size Comment
Xenetech Print Driver 8.24 MB

Xenetech XPD Print Driver is for Xenetech Laser and Rotary Engraving Systems.

The XPD Driver is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 64 bit operating systems.

The XPD driver is provided free of charge with new system orders. The driver is also provided at no charge for Laser Systems purchased after 2010. The Legacy Print driver below is provided for customers with Laser Systems purchased prior to 2010. If you have any question or for pricing information please contact Xenetech.

XPD Version Now contains the new Output Module for Xenetech Rotary Systems that use a color Touch Screen. This module will allows the user to output from most Windows drawing packages that have vector drawing capabilities.

On new installs this Module will be in Trial Mode for 30 days. Customers that are out of their trial period will not have this feature available however, if you would like to test this or other modules contact customer service or Xenetech sales and ask to test the new Viper Module.

We will walk you through exporting a new key to send to You will be able to test this feature for 30 days.

Version is now compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows 10 and above security changes. The XPD Drivers security key will no longer be reset after a Windows update. Users can now update their Windows OS without the fear of having the XPD Driver stop working due to a security reset.

If you would like to test the Viper Output Module or any other Module please contact support at:

XPD Multiple Plate Matrix Guide   557 KB How to use the Multiple Plate Matrix Feature.
XPD Quick Setup Guide   577 KB Setup information for Rotary section of new Print Driver.
XPD with Rotary System Support   246 KB Setup information for Rotary section of new Print Driver.
New Bezier Output   656 KB How to turn on Bezier in Corel.
New for this release   377 KB New for this release.


Xenetech Laser Driver for XP (Legacy Version)

File Version Size Comment
Xenetech Laser Driver 2.039 7.35 MB

English, German, Spanish, Japanese. Installs automatically on XP and Vista (32 bit only! Not compatible with 64 bit OS).

VISTA USERS: If you have a previously installed Laser Print Driver please read the Print Driver info for Vista Users.

Color Pallette .cpl     Import this .cpl color pallette into CorelDraw! to use colors that match engrave-by-color settings in your driver.
Print Driver info for Vista Users   1.1 MB Explains how to install. Useful if you are trying to install the driver on Vista.


Xenetech Rotary Driver (Legacy Version)

File Version Size Comment
Xenetech Rotary Driver 7.37 MB

Older software application for use with Engrave Lab, Corel and other applications. Replaced by the New XPD Print Driver

Comatible with Windows 7,8,8.1 and Windows10

Use with Microstepper and ViperII Electronics


Viper Communication Suite

File Version Size Comment
Viper Communication Suite (196) 44.8 MB

Requires XGW 6.43 or later Compatible ONLY with Windows 7, 8 and 10 !!

Replaces Legacy Jobserver and ViperDriver applications. A machine update may be required to make controller firmware compatible.

Do Not run the installer from the web site. Download it to your local machine and then run!!

**** You will likely be required to perform a complete machine update during this process. If you have custom values stored in your engraver for user offsets, such as custom vise locations, ring positions, or other, you will either want to document these location values before installing, or contact Xenetech Technical Support for assistance. ****

You might consider arranging with your distributor or support representative to assist you during this upgrade in order to make sure immediate assistance is available if you need it.

Rotary VCS Manual   10.7 MB  
Laser VCS Manual   8.87 MB  
New for this release   179.0 KB  

Early Viper Rotary controllers may need a code to allow VCS to function and will provided as advised by Xenetech Factory Support .

Customers using ViperDriver and Jobserver will have to reset values for job offsets and user positions upon installing VCS. However, this is a one-time reset.


Legacy Ethernet Utilities

File Version Size Comment
Jobserver 3.9.1 25.7 MB Installer includes .dbi configuration files.
ViperDriver 3.9 35.3 MB Installer includes .dbi configuration files.



File Version Size Comment
Xen_pci.inf   4 kb Both files required to install PCI board. Files work with
xen_pci.sys   20 kb PCI APU boards only. Not for use with ISA boards.



File Size Comment
912 Table Manual    
912 Viper Table Manual    
1313 Table Manual    
1313 Viper Table Manual    
1625 Table Manual    
1625 Viper Table Manual    
2525 Table Manual    
2525 Viper Table Manual    
2550 Table Manual    
2550 Viper Table Manual    
TriStar Manual    
JE Installation Manual    
GE Installation Manual    
Rotary Maint. Poster    
Laer Maint. Poster    
Viper Poster    
Aurora Laser Manual    
XL Laser Manual    
XL Install Manual    
XL Service Manual    
DUO Installation and Table Manual    
DUO Preventive Maintenance Guide    
XGW Software Tutorial    


Misc. Files

File Version Size Comment
Misc Files   20 kb PCI APU boards only. Not for use with ISA boards.



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