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News - Articles & Press Releases - January 4, 2010


Xenetech Begins Shipment of First "Duo" Laser and Diamond Drag Desktop Engraver


Baton Rouge, La. –Xenetech announced today that the company has begun shipping the industry-first Duo desktop engraver. The Duo combines the laser engraving and cutting of a CO2 laser with the diamond drag engraving capability of a rotary engraver into one system. Xenetech first introduced the technology a year ago in a pre-production model and Xenetech personnel spent the last year showing the technology at trade shows and distributor sites gathering customer feedback from around the world. Xenetech’s new “Duo” will enable engraving on a wide variety of   materials including reflective metals – aluminum, brass, silver, gold, stainless steel, plastics, wood, acrylic, leather, glass, coated metals, and more. The company believes this technology is the first of its kind in the world and has a patent pending.


Xenetech Dup 1218 Desktop laser and diamond drag engraverThe Duo fits on a desktop and is now encased in a durable monocoque design with easy access panels. It features a color touch screen control pendant with job preview, pan and zoom, a sturdy
four-point leadscrew/rail table mount, 4 ¾” to 6 ¾” of z axis clearance (varies with lens choice and diamond drag), an optional cylindrical attachment, our patent pending dual laser and diamond drag-capable motion system, a rigid, extruded x-axis with polymer bearings, and 75 inches per second raster engraving capability. Each system will ship with a copy of XGW-32 professional engraving application software which enables laser raster, laser vector, and diamond drag engraving all in the same job. In addition, a laser print driver will be available for use with third-party design software such as CorelDraw®. The Duo is available with 30/35 watt and 40/45 watt CO2 laser tubes.




Duo performs laser and drag engraving in the same job

<< - Duo easily performs drag and laser engraving in the same job with adjustable registration



“In our discussions with customers a common theme has emerged - users want the capability to engrave, cut, and mark more materials with one machine and ensure the highest productivity in the
process. The Duo addresses that need more than any other system available to our industry by combining the capability of two machines, two technologies into one,” stated Xenetech President
Guy Barone. “Certainly this has been the trend in many technology applications that we benefit from today - cell phones/internet/e-mail devices; copiers/scanners/fax systems; and now a
laser/diamond drag engraving and cutting system.”

Touchscreen of Xenetech 1218 Duo desktop engraver

<< - Color touchscreen on Duo with job preview shown

The Duo provides engravers with maximum flexibility to respond to customer and production demands. Users have the ability to switch from laser engraving to diamond drag engraving in
seconds for dedicated laser or diamond drag work. In addition, the system can produce both forms of engraving in the same job, on the same material, creating a unique engraved finish not matched by competitors. The Duo solves multiple production challenges for department heads and business owners. “If you need more high productivity laser capacity in your production department, but you also encounter the occasional diamond drag job, the Duo is a natural choice. If you currently don’t have a laser engraver and rely on rotary engraving, the Duo adds the advantages of laser engraving while supplementing your current diamond drag capacity,” stated Xenetech Sales Manager Jimmy DuBose. “The company that only utilizes laser engraving now will also benefit from the ability to add a diamond drag finish and creating advantages over their competitor’s products.”



Cylindrical mounted on Xentech 1218 Desktop Engraver

<< - Cylindrical Attachment available on the Duo 1Combination Desktop Engraver


Xenetech combined its 23 years of experience with rotary and laser engraving motion systems to formulate the Duo design. In addition, many of the key component parts are borrowed directly
from proven designs used in prior Xenetech laser and rotary systems such as the electronics and bearings. The Duo comes with a two year limited warranty. “This system utilizes the best of Xenetech’s motion system, laser beam delivery, electronics, software, and mechanical engraving technologies,” stated Research and Development Vice
President John Lundberg. “Combining these technologies was a natural progression for Xenetech and will be a natural progression for the entire engraving industry. We are extremely pleased to
begin shipping the Duo.”

The Duo can be seen at the Awards and Recognition Association International Trade Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth 121, February 24 through 26. Xenetech develops and manufactures a full line of computerized rotary engraving systems, laser engraving systems, and professional engraving software for the recognition, sign, rubber stamp, jewelry, gift, and industrial marking industries. Established in 1986, the company is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and maintains a global distribution network. For more information about the new Duo or Xenetech’s family of engraving products, browse their website at or call them at 225-752-0225.


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