Xenetech Suggested Laser Spare Parts

 Xenetech Suggested Laser Spare Parts

by: Jimmy DuBose, Sales & Customer Service Manager 

Be Prepared...

The best way to prevent costly down time is to be prepared for common issues in your production department.  Your laser power is too low, and after inspecting your optics you find that an optic has a dead spot.  A small investment in spare parts can quickly resolve these types of issues.  It will help you meet your deadlines when a failure occurs without costly overnight shipping charges. 

Laser suggested spare parts 

Optics - It only takes one burned or dead spot in an optic to greatly reduce your power to the table.  Sometimes the power can drop to a point that you can't produce any work with your system.  A good fume extractor and maintenance program is your first line of defense against an optic failure.  However, we recommend keeping one spare lens and one spare mirror in stock.  The mirrors can be used in any of the 4 mirror positions used on your XL series laser system.  The lens is the optic closest to the material being marked or cut.  Splattering debris is more likely to damage the lens than any other optic. 

Belt - The X-Axis or Bridge belt is the most common belt that can be worn down.  This belt is designed not to stretch, but the teeth on the belt can wear down.  Again, good ventilation of fumes and maintenance is your first line of defense.  If you have a system that is over 5 years old and the belt on the bridge has never been replaced, it is probably time to get a replacement belt. 

XL Series Polymer Bearings - These bearings are covered under your lifetime bearing warranty.  If you can grab your lens carriage with the system off and it feels loose, your polymer bearings could be worn out.  The lens carriage uses 4 of these bearings. 

Other Suggestions to prevent down time: 

For our technical support department to answer your question or resolve your problem as quickly as possible, access to the internet from host computer is paramount.  We can use many different diagnostic tools while connected remotely to your computer.  Even if the access to your computer via the internet is temporary, this is a very important step you should take to prevent interruptions to your engraving production. 

If you crack your touch screen or it fails in some other way, don't worry.  Xenetech customer service can get you back up and running the same day using our Virtual Pendant feature.  You can use the Virtual Pendant on your computer screen to run your system until your touch screen is replaced. 

Everyone starts with one laser or rotary system in their production department.  As time goes on, your production needs increase.  Eventually, you can't afford for this one system to be down more than a few days.  Xenetech systems are extremely reliable, but you still need time to address maintenance issues as the system ages.  If you can't afford for your Xenetech system to be down more than a few days, you need to start planning to purchase a second system. 

In Conclusion

With a little preparation, you can keep your engraving production running without interruption.  Keeping some of these parts in stock can help you meet your promised delivery times when a part fails.  It can also prevent costly overnight charges incurred when you have a part failure.