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Rotary engraving from 3rd-party applications

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2008
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Posted: 06 Jul, 2008
Updated: 28 Jul, 2008
Xenetech’s Rotary Driver

Have you ever had the need to output directly from *CorelDraw! to your rotary engraver? Xenetech’s Rotary Driver makes this output possible. Our driver will accept **HPGL (Plotter) files and files from Cadlink’s ***EngraveLab software. This driver allows you to send jobs to your engraver directly from your preferred design software. Having the capability to output directly from your design software should save you valuable time in your production process.
Compatible third party software packages
Our customers that currently use this feature are typically using CorelDraw! or EngraveLab. However, any design software that can output a basic HPGL file will work with our rotary driver. Certain CAD programs use the selected plotter to configure the format of the plotter file output. Some plotter selections modify the format of this PLT file in a way that makes them incompatible with our system. Therefore, these CAD programs should select a HP7400 series plotter to get the basic plotter output needed for the driver.
What systems does it work with?
Our rotary driver works with any Xenetech Microstepper or Viper rotary system. This includes any Xenetech rotary system manufactured since 1994. 

The attached document outlines some setup procedures for using the rotary driver with CorelDraw! and Viper electronics.
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