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Process for upgrading or switching computers

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Last updated: 07 Apr, 2014
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Posted: 08 Jul, 2008
Updated: 07 Apr, 2014
by: Lundberg J.

If you are moving to a new PC, and have already reviewed the computer requirements, you may be wondering what you need to do in preparation for the change.

By default, all program files for 
XGW are located in C:\xenetech32. All job data should be contained in the directory structure under C:\xfiles. This includes Xenetech jobs, logos and engraving fonts.  You also want to make a copy of the Xenetech.INF and Xenetech.INI files.  You can copy & paste the Xenetech.INF and Xenetech.INI files into your new Xenetech32 folder and this will reset all of your preferences to where they were before.

If you are moving to a new PC, , you will want to restore your Xfiles folder. Note, however, that in some circumstances, merging the backup of Xfiles to the new Xfiles may be a better idea.

TrueType Fonts may need to be copied from your old PC's windows\fonts folder to the new computer. Caution: Copying too many True Type fonts to a computer may degrade computers performance.

If you upgrade the operating system of your computer without doing a fresh install of XGW, you still need an additional unlock code.  When you update your computer, the registry will change and you will be required to unlock your software again.

However, installing to a fresh operating system will require an unlock code for any Xenetech software, with the exception of 

If you are moving 
APU boards, the PCI APU driver will have to be installed on the new PC. If you are moving the "LONG ISA" board, you will have to ensure that the IRQ setting on the APU does not conflict with the new computer.  The long ISA board  will not work in Windows 7 or 8.

Please have a look at the related article below for information about computer requirements and APU boards.

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