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folder Error Messages
Error Messages Generated from all Xenetech-provided software and hardware.
folder Mechanical
Troubleshoot the mechanical aspects of your rotary or laser engraver
folder Software
Troubleshoot your Xenetech - provided software
folder Communications
Troubleshooting communication between your computer and your engraver

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document Troubleshooting Touchscreen on Laser
The process of troubleshooting the touchscreen on the laser is less-than-fun because typically there are very few things that you can check for that will cause the touchscreen to “roll” without progressing to another screen and thereby render the laser inoperable. In large part, this is...
document Troubleshooting Sending Jobs to Viper Controllers
If you are using the ViperDriver instead of VCS, and are having problems sending jobs to the engraving machine, the steps in the attached documents will help you do some troubleshooting before calling Xenetech Tech Support.
document Xenetech Table Test Box
Xenetech Table Test Box will check all of the table components. If you are having problems with your engraving table, Xenetech has a device that will check the wiring, motors and limit switches.  You simply disconnect the table cable from the table interface board and connect the...
document Poor letter quality on my engraver
Symptom Poor letter quality on engraver. Cause Possibly a worn leadscrew nut in X, Y, or both. Workaround / Resolution There is a simple test to preform to see if indeed it is a worn lead screws nut.  The attached document will explain how to preform the test.  When completed,...
document Laser tube is not firing
Why am I not getting any output from my laser?  The laser tube only requires 2 things to make it fire.  They are an RF signal from the control box and voltage from the power supply.  If both of these are present, then the laser tube will have to be repaired or replaced.  The RF...
document Touch screen will not respond on Viper system
If your touch screen is not responding, but the regular screen does appear, the first thing to do is to calibrate the screen.    To do this: Right click on the viper driver icon or if using VCS, right click on that icon.  Next click on "Calibrate GLCD"  You will see...
document Touchscreen will not respond on laser
If your touch screen is not responding, but the regular screen does appear with complete menus, the first thing to do is to calibrate the screen.  To do this,Right click on the JobServer icon and exit JobServer.  Click on the start button, all programs, machine tools, and on...
document Trouble shooting Auto focus on XLT/XLE laser
Laser will not auto focus when using automatic focus If you try to auto focus your laser, 1 of 3 things will happen: The laser will focus properly You will get a message, "To close to edge, move laser and try again Z axis already active Items 1&2 are self explanatory....
document Spindle drags between characters
There is nothing more disheartening to watch your engraving machine not lifting the cutter between characters.  Especially if it is a customers part and you are going to have to replace it.  There are several reasons for this to happen, most of which are mechanical or software...
document Job not being transfered to Laser or Viper
Troubleshooting VCS transfer problems:   If for some unknown reason your computer does not communicate with your machine tool, here are some things to do: Check the cable connection between the computer and machine tool Check to see if the LED on the network card or network...
document Is my engraver engraving in the correct position?
My engraving seems to be off center.  If you have said this to yourself, it may be your machine needs a little adjustment.  But before doing that, there are a few things to check.  Is the material cut exactly to the correct dimensions?  Do I have the correct settings in...
document The green light on my pendant is blinking
Symptom flashing green light on micro-stepper pendant Cause   There are 2 reasons for the green light to be blinking after sending a job to machine 1. Z axis limit switch circuit not working  (steady blinking) 2. Error detected in job.  (blink 3 times, pause, blink 3...
document Table leveling instructions for all XLT and XLE lasers
This document will show you how to check and level the work table on any XLE and XLT laser system