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document Xenetech Graphic Workstation Software Tutorial
Attached you will find the XGW Software Tutorial as well as a few additional files to make it a bit more interactive.  This tutorial was designed to give the new Xenetech user a hands on walkthrough of the more basic functions and workings of the XGW software. There are a...
document Key assignments for circle monogram font
Some copies of the resident engraving font book may not indicate the key assignments for the circle monogram font. You may download the entire resident font book and the key assignment sheet for the circle monogram font from the attachments below.
document Description of Auto-focus modes in XGW software.
The release of Xenetech XL-series laser engravers expands the traditional mode of manually focusing a laser to the engraving material by using a provided tool to guarantee a proper focal distance. Since the XL lasers have a physical spring-loaded switch-and-sensor system, additional...
document How to justify both sides of a text paragraph with straight margins like a newspaper using PARAGRAPH GROUP
Xenetech Graphic Workstation uses many routines to automatically adjust text objects for layout positioning. In XGW, the term "JUSTIFICATION" refers to the mathematical positioning of an object between the margins applied to that specific object. This is slightly different than what...