Xenetech Software

Xenetech Graphic Workstation (Standard Version)
Download  Standard Software

Xenetech Graphic Workstation (Laser Version)
Download Laser Software

Xenetech Graphic Workstation (Demo Version)
Download Demo Software(25.1mb)

APU Software Dated: 3/18/97
Download APU86.DRV  (Password not required.)

Page down for some time saving patch files...


Spell Check

  • Add Spell Checking Capabilities to Xenetech

                Download Spell Check

Installation Instructions

Self Extracting EXE
Download this file to a temporary directory on your hard drive. Run the file.
It will self extract and should automatically start the installation program for you.
When prompted enter the password supplied by Xenetech. If you should
encounter a WinEXEC error after running this file go into the directory
where you put the file and you should now see a file called SETUP.EXE.
Run this file and continue with the installation

PKZip Format
If you wish to forego the extra download time you can download the PKZip
format file that does not have a Self Extracting installation program with it.
Simply unzip the program into your Xenetech directory. To unzip the Zip
file you can use a command line similar to the one shown below.

PKUNZIP -s xot306p.zip c:\xenetech

This assumes that the xot306p.zip file is in the same directory as your
PKUNZIP program file. If this is too confusing for you then you should
download the software with the installation program.  PKUNZIP will
prompt you for a password. Enter the password given to you by Xenetech.

As the file is unzipped it may warn you that your are about to overwrite
existing files. Press the letter A for all and then press the Enter key.

Once the file is unzipped your Software should be updated. To verify this
run Xenetech and look at the menu bar all the way to the right. You should
see the Menu choice Xenetech with a new version number next to it.


To make file downloads as small as possible and quick we are using the
.RTPatch program in addition to our standard installation procedures. This
program only uses the changes in a program to make a new EXE. Below
you can download the free PATCH.EXE program. You will use this to update
your system. Note that a password is not needed for patch files as they will
only update existing installations.

For the Demo and RTPatch patches a password is not needed and may
be freely downloaded.