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Revisions to XGW Focus Functions Offer Major Improvements to Xenetech Laser Users

Xenetech Graphic Workstation 6.53 has been updated to bring increased accuracy and efficiency to laser engraver operators.

Now, instead of using the lower-left corner of the first layout object as the focus point, the X-center / Y-center of the first layout object is used as the point of focus.

Also added is the ability to have the machine perform an auto-focus on every piece of material in laser output, thereby compensating for small variances in material when performing a multi-plate engraving job.




Run Rings Around The Competition Using The Equipment You Already Have

Every issue of this newsletter showcases a different Xenetech Engraving System in the top banner.  But what if you are looking for some new opportunities to expand your capability without a full investment in a new engraving system?

Here at Xenetech, we have long decided that the best idea is to make the most durable, long-lasting engraving systems possible. As a result, customers are rarely in need of new equipment unless business is expanding. This was a key pilar in our design philosophy, and has been the driving force in allowing customers to take advantage of technological advances through modular upgrades (electronics, touch screens, motors, and more).

So, if you want to "run these rings" around your competition through sheer productivity, have a look at the Viper® Electronics.

If you literally want to "RUN RINGS" on your existing engraver, check out this article on using the optional ring attachment which gives Xenetech XOT engraving tables with a T-slot table (excluding the Star 912) the ability to engrave inside and outside of rings.

Xenetech Ring Attachment


Productivity Corner

Adjusting Your Engraving Speed Settings On-The-Fly


Even those customers who have used Xenetech engraving systems for years know that on-the-fly speeds adjustments using the pendant knobs were based solely within the context of the maximum XY speeds used when sending the job. If you wanted to increase the speeds after the job has started, customers would have to stop the job and re-send it after adjusting values.

With the Viper controllers, this is no longer a limitation. In fact, there are 3 user-selectable speed modes which allow the user to select the scenario which fits them best.

Check out this article for specifics on these VCS speed modes.

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More News

Xenetech President, Distributor to Serve in Industry Leadership Positions

Jeanette Brewer-Richardson of Engraving Concepts has been elected to the Awards & Recognition Association Board of Directors. Xenetech's Guy Barone will serve as President-Elect.

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Ask Customer Service

Using Long/Tall Plate with Multiple Passes


Ben Rosenstein- Xenetech Tech ServicesLong time users of Xenetech engraving systems are most likely aware of the long/tall plate feature built into XGW. This allows you to engrave a plate that is larger than the table in one dimension. It is accomplished by analyzing layout data and moving the material by predetermined amounts and engraving the plate in sections. But what if you want to engrave the sections twice, to accomplish different cutting depths or use different cutters?

See this knowledgebase article for a procedure on using multiple cutter requirements with Long/Tall plate.

- Ben Rosenstein, Xenetech Tech Services


File Offsets


Carey Solomon - Xenetech Tech ServicesViper® controllers have a function under the SETTINGS menu that allow you to tell the system
whether to use the file offsets included in the existing job for your current engraving.

Primarily, this allows you to take a job for a 912 which has specific mechanical offsets, and engrave it on a machine that has different default mechanical offsets (such as a different size machine). 

Optionally, you can also use this function if you simply want to place material in a different
location on the table and not have to worry about measuring new offsets for its position. Simply
set a temporary home position using the touchpad, or use one of your custom offsets stored in
Job Offsets on the Viper controller.

- Carey Solomon, Xenetech Tech Services


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