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The World's Only Laser / Diamond Drag Engraver is NOW SHIPPING

We've begun shipping the Duo - the world's first and only dual-purpose desktop laser and diamond drag engraver. The Duo provides the greatest versatility, outstanding productivity, and unmatched quality for engravers.  You can read more from the news release by clicking here.

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For Our Friends

Refer a Friend and Receive $250 off of your Duo Purchase

Xenetech is offering $250 off the purchase of a new Duo 1218 laser/diamond drag desktop system if you refer a friend that purchases any Xenetech rotary or laser engraving system. Send us the referral and if they purchase within 60 days you will receive a $250 discount toward the your purchase, or a check for $250 if you have already purchased your Duo. Offer ends June 30, 2010.

Productivity Corner

New Laser & Rotary Maintenance Posters Available


Proper Maintenance is the key to getting the most productivity, quality, and longevity from your engraving system. Our documentation manager, Michael Hampton has developed a new maintenance poster you can print and post near your machine as a maintenance guide, log, and reminder.

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Would you like a laminated version? Click Here to request one and we'll send it to you FREE.

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My Internet


Carey Solomon - Xenetech Tech ServicesWe know how each of us uses the Internet. Some of us use it for entertainment during our lunch hour. Others take advantage of email to communicate with customers and supplier/partners. Many of you also use whatever Internet connection is available in your shop to download software updates. However, there is an advantage of having the computer that you use to run your jobs connected to the Internet. For customers under active support plans or current incident tickets, Xenetech support can connect remotely to your computer for quick and timely support, answering your questions, and providing demonstrations. And since Xenetech Viper and XL controllers are Ethernet-based, simply plug them into the same network as your office computers and concentrate on getting your products out the door.

- Carey Solomon, Xenetech Tech Services


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