4 Year System Warranty! Wow!


Xenetech offered a four year standard warranty for many of its laser and rotary engraving systems at the 2010 International Awards and Recognition Association Show last week in Las Vegas. “We wanted to send a strong message that Xenetech lasers and rotary systems are high quality and built to last,” stated Xenetech Sales Manager Jimmy DuBose. “Xenetech is known for its high productivity with 150 inch per second engraving speeds and advanced color touch screen Viper technology, but I don’t know that customers fully realize the difference in product quality that is being offered. Understandably, I don’t believe any of our competitors had the confidence to match our warranty,” continued DuBose.

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ARA Las Vegas

Xenetech’s Duo, President Honored by ARA

2010 ARA President's AwardXenetech was honored by a vote of the ARA tradeshow attendees for its new Duo technology combining laser engraving and rotary engraving in the same system. The Duo was selected as one of the best new technologies for the awards industry.


In addition, Xenetech’s Guy Barone was given the prestigious President’s Award by outgoing ARA President Glenn Beckworth at the annual industry banquet. Beckworth noted Barone’s facilitation of ARA’s strategic plan as a major contribution to the organization. Barone accepted the award on behalf of Xenetech employees and all ARA volunteers.

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Featuring the Viper GE

Xenetech Gift “One Stop Engraving Shop” System Featured in Stuller Booth, Atlanta Jewelry Show This Weekend


Xenetech Viper Gift Engraver will be a feature in the Stuller, Inc. booth this weekend at the XXXX show in the XXX in Atlanta. Stuller is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of jewelry and related products.

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Ask Customer Service

Key to the Lock


Ben Rosenstein - Xenetech Customer Service Every once in a while I will talk to a customer who thinks that XGW simple becomes non-responsive.
If a user selects any of the buttons in the toolkit on the left, the software will not do anything
until the desired input is provided, or the escape key is pressed on the keyboard.

The trick here is to notice what input XGW is waiting for the user to provide. By looking at the status bar in the lower part of the XGW window, you can see the toolkit value that Xenetech is waiting
for you to enter.

- Ben Rosenstein, Xenetech Customer Service


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