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Viper® II Electronics Released


The first Viper® controller was introduced in 2002 and provided rotary engravers with significantly faster engraving speeds and industry-first touch screen pendant. Now Xenetech has released the Viper® II controller. Learn more about its enhancements to rotary engraving by following the link below.

Here is a link to the Viper ® II release announcement >>


Meet Xenetech

The Xenetech Factory Technical Support Team - An Extension of Your Business.


What would it cost your business to maintain a staff of technical support professionals with a combined 135 years of engraving industry experience? Fortunately you do not have to ask. You have likely talked to these guys and realized their benefit first-hand. We want to let you know who they are.


Here are the things you probably didn't know about your tech support patners>>

Productivity Corner

Stay Tuned Next Month For Information on the New Xenetech Duo Combination Tabletop Laser / Drag Engraver....


You have been hearing and talking about it for a while now. Redesigned and better than ever, but we are still going to make you wait just a little longer.

Production is underway and shipping later this month. We'll have a new look at the Duo for you soon!


I Promise You, Including This Article Is JUSTIFIED

As an engraving expert, you understand that many desired layouts are very similar in design. You will also not be surprised to hear that there are many customers who come in requesting something "different".

Here is an article that discusses using the PARAGRAPH GROUP function of the Xenetech Graphic Workstation Software - a quick tool that may help you provide your customer that difference. This function applies what other applications might call JUSTIFICATION to both sides of a block of text, giving smooth margins to both sides of the column, similar to what you would see in a newspaper.

Here is the knowledgebase article telling you how to do it. >>


Ask Customer Service

We Know You Want To Invest In Your Business, and Yes, You Can Do This In Small Steps...


Carey Solomon - Xenetech Tech ServicesEvery day existing Xenetech customers upgrade their hardware in order to improve performance of their system and therefore increase profitability. However, we also realize that when times are tight, a dollar is sometimes worth more than a dollar. That is why Xenetech systems are always designed with an upgrade path in mind, thereby minimizing customer investment. However, many customers do not realize the pace of changing technology with each passing year. Even if you are not currently in a position to invest in an upgrade, always try to plan your upgrades for the upcoming year. This will make it easier to anticipate changing technology and have a good idea of what your future investments will require.

Did you know that customers currently running PCI-based APU boards can run in the new Windows® 7 Operating Environment? (32-bit only). Follow the changes in technology and product offerings so you do not get caught off-guard when you find your future upgrade position further off than you anticipated.

If you have questions about an upgrade situation, a Xenetech technician can help. Send is your questions here.

- Carey Solomon, Xenetech Tech Services

Sometimes Reverse is the Right Way to Go.

Jason Minton- Xenetech Customer ServiceSometimes when using your Xenetech laser you may find the need to “reverse fill” an engraved product. The advantage of the using reverse fill allows you to engrave raised letters which look great on wood.

Here is the procedure using the Xenetech Graphic Workstation Software:

1. Create a hatch-filled box and type text some text using a TrueType™ font.

2. Make the color of the TrueType™ font white and place the text within the box.

3. Now select just the box and choose put in front, draw first under the line/group menu.

4. Next redraw the screen and engrave the box. This same technique can also be used to setup a rubber stamp for laser engraving.

-Jason Minton, Xenetech Customer Service


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