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XGW Update 6.47 released


In case you missed the announcement, we wanted to let you know again that XGW 6.47 is now released. Included in this update are rewritten output engines for all orientations, improved capabilities for laser engraving with Engrave-By-Color, and more.

Here is a link to the release announcement >>

Download it here >>


Productivity Corner

At a Time When You’re Trying to Get the Most from Your Engraving Equipment, Xenetech Enhances Field and Factory Service and Support


In this difficult economic environment, many businesses are working hard to reduce costs and maximize the productivity of their existing engraving equipment. As a result of this increased emphasis, Xenetech and its exclusive distributors have teamed to provide customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and many other countries, including some as far away as Australia, with a wide array of support services related to their Xenetech laser and rotary engraving systems. These include:

- on site field repair and maintenance services

- factory repair

- telephone technical and applications support

- e-mail support

- on-line knowledgebase resources

- software and hardware training

- installation of software, firmware, and hardware

- remote access, via internet, to your system

All service and training are performed by Xenetech factory personnel or Xenetech factory-trained technicians. Technicians use genuine Xenetech replacement and warranted parts. Costs for the service include reimbursement for travel and hourly costs are based on regional labor costs and services performed. Hourly labor fees may range from $80 to $125.

One way to reduce the need for emergency service is by performing ongoing preventive maintenance. You can consult your system manual (download Xenetech manuals here >>>) or by following the instructions on our Xenetech maintenance posters (download here posters here>>>). By performing preventive maintenance operators will also preserve optimal letter quality and productivity. You may also want to develop an ongoing maintenance checklist to ensure compliance with required maintenance.


One technique you can use to monitor your system’s performance over time is to create a “benchmark” sample. Engrave a typical job of various text (single and multi-line), circles, boxes, and objects similar to the sample plate that shipped with your system every six months. Study and compare the plate against the plate that you received with your system. Look closely at the circles. Are there flat spots? Do they meet? Look at the diagonal lines. Do they show stair steps or is the line smooth? This is great process to use to ensure the ongoing quality of your output from your system.

download suggested maintenance procedures from this knowledgebase article>>

Buy Backup Parts and Save 10% Now

As an incentive to keep a few back-up component parts for your system on the shelf and reduce the chance of downtime, Xenetech is giving you a 10% discount when you mention this article through the end of October. These parts include laser optics, system belts, lubricants, and motor brushes



Round Like the Seasons

The holiday season is approaching quickly. Now is a good time time to consider taking advantage of existing discount opportunities on equipment that will allow you to expand your capabilities to engrave on a wider variety of items. Consider the Viper GE Gift Engraver. With this single machine, you can add rings, bottles, and large round items your customers will be buying for the approaching holiday season, including large bowls, bottles, engraveable gifts, glasses and more.

Check out this video to see samples of some of the things that can be engraved easily with the Viper GE.


Ask Customer Service

Just Because You Are Small Doesn't Mean You Have To Look Small.


Carey Solomon - Xenetech Tech ServicesWhile most large companies already have an Internet presence, many small shops simply use e-mail addresses from their Internet Service Providers, such as AOL. For very low prices, many providers will allow you to register custom domain names and e-mail addresses, and provide easy-to-use tools to build custom websites. By using these tools from providers such as Yahoo, you can have running in a matter of minutes with custom e-mail addresses for each of your employees, and since these services are web-based, the e-mails are available to you from any computer on the Internet.

- Carey Solomon, Xenetech Tech Services

Our moms told us to make sure we used soap.

Jason Minton- Xenetech Customer ServiceWhile using manual cutter set to rotary engrave acrylic will help you overcome shadowing from the nosecone, you will have to really consider the flatness of your acrylic. As an alternative, you can take advantage of full automatic cutter set to follow the surface of the acrylic if you simply rub a bar of dry soap on the acrylic surface. This should elimante shadowing.

-Jason Minton, Xenetech Customer Service