New Product Review

XGW Update 6.50 Released


Customers have been commenting that they really like changes that were introduced in the recent 6.47 release. However, we have not been relaxing. Now available is XGW 6.50 with many changes and fixes.

Check Out the Changes and Download it here >>


Productivity Corner

A Little Less Work, A Lot More Productivity


Close-up of Xenetech Cutting ConeNew optical recognition and precision cutting options are available for Xenetech's XL series laser engravers. Our European partner has taken technology previously only available on larger and more expensive formats and we are happy now to offer it as an option on all Xenetech XL series lasers.

Check out the details and video here >>



Buy Backup Parts and Save 10% Now

As an incentive to keep a few back-up component parts for your system on the shelf and reduce the chance of downtime, Xenetech is giving you a 10% discount when you mention this article through the end of October. These parts include laser optics, system belts, lubricants, and motor brushes.


Financial Sense

In Case You Missed the Latest Tax Information, Here is Another Look.


With the yearly changes in tax laws, it seems as though you have to commit a lot of time to researching what your actual costs would be if you took advantage of these incentives.

We have taken the time to lay out the numbers for you.  Take a look at how to maximize savings and grow your business by acquiring the equipment that you have been looking at for a while.


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Meet Xenetech

Xenetech Staff Gives More Than Great Service

The Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center Blood Bank Mobile Unit paid a visit to the Xenetech parking lot again this fall. Xenetech employees answered by call by donating blood and plasma to be used in the local and regional communities. In addition to feeling great about giving, employees received LSU Tiger t-shirts for their efforts.

Xenetech Chairperson, Kathy Hpffpauir, donating blood at Xenetech HQ

Xenetech Chairperson Kathy Hoffpauir is shown here giving a pint to help others. "We have the privilege to live and work in a great city and country and it is important that we find ways to give back," states Kathy. "Contributing blood is easy and goes a long way in helping others in need. We encourage everyone who can give to visit their local blood bank."



Ask Customer Service

Connect the Dots by Letting the Machine Do the Work.


Ben Rosenstein, Senior Tech Support RepresentativeThough not a brand new capability, I still talk to customers who wish to make the process of braille signage easier.  Xenetech tables can be easily outfit with an auto-insert braille raster attachment by simply changing the outer bracket of the existing spindle block. When coupled with the Viper Controllers, the process of completing such signage becomes even more simple. All you have to do is run the job once to drill the holes, enable the attachment by pressing a button on the Viper touch screen, and then run the job again so that the attachment can place the braille rasters into the holes.

Note that all Xenetech systems can use this attachment, but for non-Viper controllers, the attachment offset will have to be manually entered by the operator.

You can check out knowledgebase instructions here for details.

You can also check out online videos of the process of engraving braille with the braille inserter.

- Ben Rosenstein, Xenetech Customer Service


Less Work, More Play.

Jason Minton- Xenetech Customer ServiceSomewhat frequently, customers ask if there is a way to run jobs without having to send them from the computer each time.
With Microstepper electronics, you could simply press the HOME RETAIN switch to recall the last engraved job.

However, with Xenetech Ethernet-based rotary and laser engravers, you can simply place the corresponding .lsr and .jbs files
into the system outbox, and call them up when ready by pressing JOBS on the touchpad. This has the benefit of allowing operators to call up any of stock jobs  from a virtual library that you want to repeat without having to go to the computer.

Check out this knowledgebase article for details.


-Jason Minton, Xenetech Customer Service