New Product Review

"It's Not Easy Being Green." - (Kermit the Frog)

Kermit, we feel your pain and are happy to announce that all machines now ship with the COLOR TOUCHSCREENS. Last issue we mentioned that owners of Xenetech XL series lasers can upgrade to color touchscreens. We are happy to announce that color touchscreen upgrade kits are also now available for ALL Viper series rotary engraving systems.

Xenetech Viper Color Touchpad for Rotary Engraving Systems

Available for all Xenetech XL and Viper series systems through a simple retrofit kit, this new interface provides exactly what our customers have been asking for.



Productivity Corner

Yeah, it really is on purpose

Are you one of the people that looked at the vertical Tool Kit in XGW and wondered why we "left that space" between PERCENT FILL and SLANT ANGLE and thought to yourself "Why would they do that?" Well, it was actually done on purpose. You can elect to have a Z-STROKE value appear in the toolkit and be assignable per layout object.

read more here in this knowledgebase article >>

Training Opportunities

Here are two educational opportunities available during the 2009 Texas Trophy & Award Show we want you to know about.

Xenetech President Guy Barone will discuss the important steps of good financial management to help your business weather these challenging economic times. Learn to manage your income by better understanding your costs, calculating profitability, and planning your budget, cash flow and financing. Finally, Guy will put you on a path to identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities in running your business and how you can manage present operations while developing a strategic plan for the future.

Also, our friend Fred Schwartz from Quality One Engravers will be to offering usable “today” tips, helpful to everyone from beginners to the most knowledgeable with practical information for both shop workers and shop owners. Topics to include better buying, safety, products, tooling, and work flow decisions.

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Need a Raise?

You can use your laser engraver to create raised letters in an engraving job. Do this to create interesting effects with foil or to create tamper-proof ADA signs.

check out this knowledgebase article >>


Ask Customer Service

Insider's Tip


Ben Rosenstein, Xenetech Customer ServiceThere is a "hidden" option in the Round-Corner Box function included with the XGW Drawing Tools module. By right-clicking on the button, you can choose from STANDARD, LARGE, and INSIDE round-corner box. STANDARD allows you to draw a box with normal rounded corners. INSIDE creates round corners inside the box perimeter, which we also refer to as 'scalloped corners'.

LARGE draws a similar shape, with a steeper pitch to the inset curve. With all of these, you can select the drawn shape and adjust the curve by selecting and adjusting the ARC RADIUS value in the toolkit.

If you want to create this effect across all plates using grid cutout, view this knowledgebase article or  refer to this earlier edition of the newsletter

- Ben Rosenstein, Xenetech Customer Service

Pay Attention Here. I Need You To Focus.

Gary McNatt- Xenetech Customer ServiceDid you know that there are multiple focusing options built directly into the Xenetech Graphic Workstation software? This is because of some unique opportunities available since all XL series lasers have the physical plunger assembly. You can specify auto-focus, bulls-eye-focus, manual focus, and focus-by-material-thickness directly from the software.

- Gary McNatt, Xenetech Customer Service

Check out this knowledgebase article for additional reference about Laser Focus Options.