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Viper Communication Suite Update Available

VCS version ( is now available. If you are experiencing unexpected behavior after installing a previous VCS release, please be sure to install this update.

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Vegas, Baby! Yeah!

We have spoken to some customers who have said that they would like to attend the Awards and Recognition International Awards Market trade show in Las Vegas next month, but are concerned with the costs. We have found many deals at online travel web sites offering FLIGHT-AND-HOTEL packages for less than we have historically seen for hotel-only prices. Even better: Many of these packages bundle rooms at the Hilton Hotel attached directly to the Las Vegas Convention Center. While you might find deals on other sites, we saw these on Travelocity. We hope you will seriously consider joining us in Vegas and invite you to come visit us in Booth 121.

Productivity Corner

Resources your business really needs.

In a previous edition of this newsletter, we presented you with 5 methods recommended to help you succeed through the economic downturn. To show you how serious we are about our commitment to your success, we are extending our Las Vegas ARA show specials to you a full month before the show and will honor these prices through the end of February.

Here are some highlights:

$500 off Star 912 Engraving Systems

$1,500 off 30, 60, and 80 Watt 13x25 XLT Laser Systems

$2,000 off 60 watt 24x36 XLT Laser Systems

$1,500 off Gift Engraver Systems

$1,500 trade-in credit for ViperII Electronics Upgrades


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Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know.

Xenetech realizes the value of continuing education to your business. Commonly we see business owners who suddenly find themselves without knowledge to efficiently run their equipment when shop operators move on. Other times customers simply want to know more about what their equipment can do to increase utilization, productivity, and profit. A slowing economy provides a great opportunity to retool, cross-train, protect and expand your in-house capability through education.

Our network of distributors presents clinics across the country focusing on a variety of subjects, from Xenetech systems to CorelDRAW. Factory user clinics are priced aggressively because we recognize the benefit of informed and educated customers. If you have ever wondered what a typical Xenetech factory-hosted user-clinic might consist of or wondered if it would be beneficial to you, be sure to follow the link below for an example of a typical course outline.  Contact us anytime to inquire about clinic availability. (Headline quote from Daniel J. Boorstin, Democracy and Its Discontents.)



Meet Xenetech

Introducing Neil Neumann Sales

Much like the Western Canadian territory they represent, NNSL is fully of energy and vitality. (and their founder's hair has even begun to resemble the covered mountain tops of the Western Rockies)

Meet this talented and dedicated distributor. Continuing our commitment to quality support outside of the United States, we are proud to recognize Neil and the staff at NNSL.



Ask Customer Service

Knowing Where You Stand

Jason Minton, Technical SupportIf you receive a message on your laser touchpad reporting a Z-low out-of-bounds when you power on your laser or when executing focus, the table's current position is likely unknown to the system. The remedy is simple and can be found here in our knowledgebase. You should also use this procedure when you add or remove a vector cutting table with your laser.


Real Preventative Care

Gary McNatt, Technical SupportFor years, engravers have enjoyed the productive benefits of computerized engravers. Many customers take advantage of a "free overtime" paradigm by setting up 25x50 rotary engravers with large jobs for engraving and cut-out so they can arrive at work the following morning to a finished job without the cost of employees having to watch the machine. However, in the interests of our customers' safety, we want to reiterate the reality that laser engravers require more attention and caution when in use. Leaving the machine unattended for "just a minute while you run to the corner store" may cause you to return to a shop that resembles a flame-kissed char-burger from your favorite fast food establishment.


Power Back When You Get Power Back

Ben Rosenstein - Senior Technical SupportImagine you have manually jogged the cutter to a temporary home position for engraving away from the top left corner. If the power goes out in your shop during engraving, you might have difficulty resetting the temp home for re-engraving. By pressing the GET VIPER XY POSITION button in the F1 screen, you can store the starting position in the job offsets. Therefore, when you reopen the job, the desired starting position will be recalled automatically.