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Xenetech Provides Tilt Option for Laser & Rotary Cylindrical Attachment...Because Some Things Are Just Made That Way


The tilt option is easily field retrofitable to existing Xenetech cylindrical attachments. Users can install and prepare the tilt option for engraving in just a few minutes. It is available for use with all lasers, and the 1313, 1625, 2525, 2550 rotary systems.





Productivity Corner

Here Are A Couple Of Friendly Reminders


In case you missed our last newsletter, you might be interested to see some information about COST SAVINGS that are only available to you through the end of this year. If you have been toying at all with the idea of acquiring new equipment, even if you are still a bit unsure, take a look at this article.


And don't forget that the current trade-in credit toward the purchase of New ViperII Electronics is going to be significantly reduced on January 1, 2010. (see following section)


Financial Sense

Here's an Time-Sensitive Opportinity to Save Money While Maximizing Your Profit.


We get new customers every day who purchase a Xenetech Engraving System because they like the durability of the systems and they recognize the power of the Viper. Similarly many existing customers have really enjoyed the shift to Xenetech ViperII Electronics, often commenting that they feel like their table now runs better than new.

However, we recognize the value of every dollar you earn. This is why we work hard to provide upgrade paths to help you move forward without an investment in an entirely new engraving system.

Currently, customers can trade in older Xenetech electronics for a $1,500 credit when purchasing a ViperII Electronics upgrade.

However, this current discount offer is only valid through the end of 2009.

So unsaddle yourself from older computer hardware and operating systems, breathe new life into your existing tables, and make this investment in your business before the discount dollars start to disappear.


Follow This Link to See the Details>>


Meet Xenetech

Pride Everywhere.

I have personally installed many Xenetech Engraving Systems on Navy ships. However, I recently had the opportunity to install a Xenetech System on the USS New YorkBen Rosenstein, Senior Tech Support Representative. This ship is a great tribute to enduring American and human spirit. The ship boasts over 7.5 tons of steel from the World Trade Center's Twin Towers. As listed on the official homepage for the commissioning of the USS New York during Hurricane Katrina, 1,200 shipyard workers opted to keep working.

So I wanted to send you a couple if links to videos of this amazing accomplishment.

- Ben Rosenstein, Xenetech Customer Service

USS New York Video 1

USS New York, LPD21 - official footage

New York (LPD 21) Builder's Sea Trial


Ask Customer Service

Backwards and Forwards May Cover the Same Distance, but Backwards May Be Faster.


Ben Rosenstein, Senior Tech Support RepresentativeIn cases where you are engraving in multiple-plate mode (what some refer to as 'matrix') it may be beneficial for you to reverse the engraving order, thereby commanding the machine to engrave the last (typically the lower right) plate first and work its way toward the home position of the machine. This allows you to remove the finished plates and perform subsequent steps on them without having to wait for the entire job to finish for fear of disturbing the entire material which was lined up to the material guides. This mode works whether you have multiple-plate mode to establish columns or rows.

- Jason Minton, Xenetech Customer Service


Holiday Sales & What You Need To Know.

Carey Solomon - Xenetech ITWe all know that end-of-year sales on computers can be very inticing, especially when these holidays coincide with the release of a new operating system, such as the newly-released Windows 7®. However, many people are still unsure about getting a new computer because they still run old software and are concerned with compatibility. Windows 7® users can download for free a tool provided by Mircosoft which allows you to maintain compatibility through a virtual environment.

Virtual computing means that a single hardware setup can run different and multiple instances of an operating system at the same time. Using the provided solution, you can run Windows 7 and XP at the same time, and all without having to buy another license for the virtual copy of Windows XP. While virtualization is not exactly new, it is a technology with which more end-users are becoming familiar.

We have been running all Xenetech software under Windows 7 for months with good success. While the laser driver currently does not install under 64-bit versions of Windows, after the new year, we will be releasing a version which does run under 64-bit Windows. In the meantime, you can install 32-bit XP under 64-bit Windows 7, continue to run, and maintain compatibility with all of your programs, and still take advantage of the sales while keeping up with technology.

- Carey Solomon, Xenetech IT



Software Updates

XGW 6.51 includes fixes for Y-Center calculations, and minor changes for engrave-by-color messages and wmf import.

Viper Communication Suite (VCS) 123 adds improvements for certain conditions where Job Namerserver might fail to start and performance imrpovements when cancelling jobs from the touchpad.

Both updates can be downloaded from here.