New Product Review

Artists can color the sky red because they know it's blue. Those of us who aren't artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we're stupid. - (Jules Feiffer, 1929)

We are proud to Xenetech Color Touchpadannounce the new COLOR touchpads for XL series laser engravers. Available on new lasers, and for existing lasers through a simple retrofit kit, this new interface provides exactly what our customers have been asking for.



Productivity Corner

A Good Trick is Always a Good Trick.

Sometimes, older information is still the best information. Know what I mean? Take a minute to revisit the theory behind setup and use of the three-medallion jig, and you'll quickly understand why we are re-listing this article under productivity. (SIT & STAY are still good too.)





Throughout the development of new products, we have provided different methodologies for making rubber stamps. You can use an on-board laser control, or take advantage of some new features in the software-based rubber stamp controls.



Ask Customer Service

WhoDaWhat dot jbs.lsr?

Ben Rosenstein, Xenetech Customer ServiceCustomers sometimes ask what ethrfile.jbs (or .lsr) means and why they see it on the touchpad. The pad simply shows you the name of the latest file engraved. These machine-language files use the names "ethrfile.jbs" and "default.lsr". This has specific advantages and disadvantages. However, if you would like for these machine files to use the same name of the job you create, all you have to do is edit the RandomFileNames value in the Xenetech.ini file.
- Ben Rosenstein, Xenetech Customer Service

Check out this knowledgebase article for additional information about calling jobs from the touchpad.

To Save or Not to Save? LOAD is the Question.

Gary McNatt- Xenetech Customer ServiceLOAD SAVED DEFAULTS is a very powerful tool. It can be a hero when you need it, or dangerous when you don't realize it's on.

LSD typically only works when you select it from the FILE | OPEN dialog. However, if you open a job from the recently-used list on the FILE menu, or by double-clicking a xot file from Windows Explorer, the currently-enabled settings in XGW will apply, NOT the settings saved with the job.

Alternatively, you can set XGW so that the saved defaults will be applied any time a job is loaded, no matter HOW it is loaded. Select MISC | SETUP from the XGW menu and set LOAD ENGRAVER DEFAULTS WITH JOB to ON.
- Gary McNatt, Xenetech Customer Service

Check out this knowledgebase article for additional reference about Load Saved Defaults.