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New Product Review

Point and Engrave


For years, XGW has offered rotary users with the ability to set plate sizes and material offsets by using the engraver positioning to report back to the computer. Now this technology has been included to the Xenetech XL laser line.



Company News

Another Patent Awarded to Xenetech

In addition to previous patents for

the XL laser, we have recently been awarded a full patent for the XLT laser.







Controlling the Order Of Engraving in CorelDraw

Sure, we you engrave-by color, turn objects on and off, and use a toolbox full of tools to get the job done. But if you use CorelDraw, you can easily control engraving order by using the Object Manager. Ben takes a minute to show you how.



Meet Xenetech

Distributor Focus

Great partnerships are really key to successful businesses. Our partners in Mexico are proof of this idea. Language barriers proved to be less important than personal drive and the desire to succeed. Meet AWARDMACHINE.



Ask Customer Service

Common Questions for Everyday Users


Gary McNatt, Xenetech Technical Support RepresentativeLubricating Your Rotary

Wipe down the leadscrews and use only Teflon-based lubricants such as Super Lube or Tri-Flo. When done you should slew your table to spread the lubricant. We have a slew file already in your XOT folder for you. Just load the one for your table size into XGW. Alternatively, Viper systems running VCS have built-in maintenance jobs accessible from the touchpad. Click here to view a knowledgebase article on all system maintenance.

- Gary McNatt, Technical Support


Jason Minton, Xenetech Technical Service Representative

Clean vs. Lean

A simple trick to reduce the rotary and laser engraving time of True Type fonts, is to turn off the cleaning pass.
By setting to “don’t engrave”, under the Hatch Fill Setup Menu you can significantly reduce engraving time. Remember to save your preferences if you want to set this as default behavior.

- Jason Minton, Technical Support