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2008 Engraving Contest

"Engrave Like You Mean It."

Previous contest winner Over $5,000 in prizes as well as important recognition for engraving accomplishment will be given away in our 2008 engraving contest. There is no entry fee and the category winners will receive a $500 gift certificate toward the purchase of Xenetech Products.

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Productivity Corner

Send Proofs to Customers From XGW

If the customer had a proof, I would have not spelled tthis wrong. Learn how you can create proofs from your XGW jobs and send to customers for approval.




Seal Layout in XGW Notary Seal

Seal the Deal. Follow these proven setup techniques and take the mystery out of notary seal jobs.




Meet Xenetech

Distributor Focus

Big Truck, Big Service. "Who'd-a-thought" a 100-watt laser could be used to keep warm during the cold Winter months of Northern United States? Well, Jim Golden always thinks about things like that.



Ask Customer Service

Common Questions for Everyday Users

Maintaining Your Rotary

Ben Rosenstein - Xenetech Senior Tech Support RepresentativeThere are times when your engraving machine may loose steps. You may even hear the machine “bump” while running. The very first thing to look at is the spindle motor. When was the last time you inspected the motor brushes? The first test to run is a diamond drag job with the spindle motor off. If the machine runs fine but errors when you re-run the test with the motor on you know the problem is the spindle motor or motor control. The next step is to unplug the 120 volt cord that goes to the Motor Speed Control (MSC) box and plug it into a different circuit. This will entail running an extension cord from another location to be sure it is from a different circuit. If this solves the problem, then we know that something on the original circuit is causing the problem. If the problem persists then you may have to replace the spindle motor. - Ben Rosenstein, Senior Technical Support


Manual Kerning

Gary McNatt, Xenetech Technical Support RepresentativeKerning refers to adjusting the space between two characters such as A & V.
To do manual kerning make sure auto kerning is off.
Select the text and use the arrow keys to put the cursor on the letter you want to kern and press Shift < to move the letter to the left. Shift > moves it to the right. If you want to move it smaller spaces use Shift { or Shift } .
- Gary McNatt, Technical Support


Jason Minton, Xenetech Technical Service Representative

Pause Before Grid

A wonderful feature in XGW for laser engraving is the ability to pause before Grid Cut Out.
Selected in the F1 output dialog, this great feature offers the user the ability to mask a laser job after the raster engraving has completed.
Once rastering is completed the laser will automatically pause and allow the plastic to be masked prior to running the grid. This will prevent scorched plate edges and the added need for cleaning the plates prior to any final prep or mounting.
- Jason Minton, Technical Support