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New Product Review

Xenetech Knowledgebase Available Now

You want immediate answers to your questions. That's why we have released a FREE online resource for you to review on your schedule. Browse the categories, download documents, and search for the tips you need. Sure, we are still here for you to call, but when you need it "NOW", hop on over to the knowledgebase.

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Productivity Corner

Terrestrial lateral undulation is the most common mode of terrestrial locomotion for most snake species.

Cary Johnston introduces us to the new serpentine sorting and engraving routine, maximizing your engraving efficiency.




Sure, Email increases productivity. But let's get real. Having your engraver send you an email will really impress your friends.

PDA showing email sent my engraving systemConsumer response to Viper Communication Suite has been very positive. Among some of the favorite new features is the ability to receive automatically-generated emails upon job completion. You can follow the link below for setup instructions available on the new online knowledgebase.

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Meet Xenetech

Distributor Focus

In a previous Xenetech e-newsletter, we profiled Xenetech distributor Engraving Concepts.  Just in case you didn't believe us when we said Engraving Concepts salesman Roy Brewer is a road warrior, click on this YouTube link and watch Roy in action during the 4th of July Parade in Dallas, TX.

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Ask Customer Service

Common Questions for Everyday Users


By The Numbers

Carey Solomon, Xenetech Development and SupportIn the XGW F7 Workspace Management dialog you can enter more than decimal numbers for working with plate parameters. You can enter fractions, such as 6 1/2 to set plate sizes to non-whole numbers. You can also use mathematical operators, such as * / + or -. So, if we want a plate dimension to be half of 1/8 inch, I could enter .125/2. - Carey Solomon, Development and Support


Square and By The Letter

Gary McNatt, Xenetech Technical Support RepresentativeHow do I check my laser bridge to see if it’s square?

First use the touch pad to position the red dot that’s on the table to the bottom edge of the horizontal ruler on the left side of the table. Then run the carriage almost to the end of the ruler to the right. See if it is either lower, meaning the red dot is now on the table in the engraving area, or higher up on the ruler. If either condition exists your laserbridge is out of square.
Here is an article from our online Knowledgebase which provides more information. - Gary McNatt, Technical Support


Engraving Order from CorelDRAWBen Rosenstein, Xenetech Technical Service Representative
I want to optimize my engraving time as much as I can because time is money. If you are running your laser engraver out of CorelDraw it is important to know the engraving order of your drawing so that your engraving is optimized. Also you may want certain items to engrave first and others to engraver later.

Here is an article from our online Knowledgebase which shows exactly how to do this.
- Ben Rosenstein , Technical Support