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New Product Review

2008 Engraving Contest


Wow! We received lots of really impressive samples. We love to see how creative you are with Xenetech systems.

Xenetech Engraving Contest Winner Sample

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Productivity Corner

Sort Color Vectors

Optimize vector output to your Xenetech Laser without creating separations or worrying about drawing order from the source layout application. Let Ben show you how.




The Real VCS

So you are already running VCS and familiar with some of the features that bring speed and usability to your shop. Take a minute and find out about these advanced features that come included.




Meet Xenetech

Distributor Focus

We all want to be LIKE MIKE. Calm and collected. Championship Marksman. All-around good guy.

Mike Dehabey and the Allgraphics team are impressive.

Click. Click. Pull.



Ask Customer Service

Common Questions for Everyday Users


Gary McNatt, Xenetech Technical Support RepresentativeFit Text To Path

Fit Text to Path shapes a line of text to fit the path of one of the native Xenetech drawing objects. These objects include any of the shapes generated by Xenetech's drawing tools, and or graphics that have been exploded and disassembled.

Select the line of text and native graphic.
Choose Font | Fit Text to Path

- Gary McNatt, Technical Support


Jason Minton, Xenetech Technical Service Representative

Rotary Table Maintenance

Maintaining your rotary table is just as important as
oil changes and tune-ups in your car. Your engraver makes money for you so maintain it at least as well as your car.

One of the most overlooked components on your engraver is the spindle motor. The spindle motor has brushes inside that need to be checked and changed at a 6-month service interval. Worn spindle motor brushes can cause your engraver to run very erratically. The Xenetech maintenance poster will show you how to prevent this . The Xenetech maintenance poster is a great addition to any shop and is cheaper than an oil change.  Happy Engraving.

- Jason Minton, Technical Support