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New Product Review


Gift Engravables Source

Engravers really are taking advantage of a convergence of markets. Take a look at these products designed to help you transition to a broader product offering for your customers with prices and profits you need to see!

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Viper Communication Suite

We have received a lot of interest in this upcoming software release. Development has gone very well and testing indicates we are in the home stretch. We are including the article again in case any of you missed it.

Designed For the Newer Windows and streamlined for shop productivity, all Ethernet-based Xenetech Engravers run under the FREE upgrade of the new Viper Communication Suite.



Productivity Corner


What you see is what you see is what you get.

Jimmy DuBose takes you beyond the touchscreen preview bulletpoint and explains what it really means for your engraver.



Origin Schmorigin ?

Join Jimmy DuBose again and learn how to use your machine to set your engraving size and offsets.




Laser Cutting Models

Ben Rosenstein presents you with the key to your very own city. What's the key? Your Xenetech laser engraver, of course.



Meet Xenetech

Distributor Focus

Meet the man we call "The Machine." Like the unicycle he rides, Roy Brewer and the gang at Engraving Concepts are composed of only a few key parts. If you have met this team, you already know what makes them unique.



Ask Customer Service

Common Questions for Everyday Users


Surface Sensing

Gary McNatt, Xenetech Technical Support RepresentativeThe proximity sensor helps achieve accurate depths across the engraving surface. It is a good idea to keep the space between the Z-axis drive plate and sensor mount plate free of debris that occurs in situations where a lot of chip debris is produced. By manually separating these plates and cleaning with a rag or compressed air, you can help maintain consistent engraving depths. - Gary McNatt, Technical Support


Rotating Objects in XGW Jason Minton, Xenetech Technical Service Representative

Select the object that you would like to rotate in the Xenetech Graphic Workstation and then go to the "Font" menu and select "Slanted". Now rotating an object within the workspace is as easy as changing the number for "Slant Angle" in the left toolbar to a value that rotates the object. - Jason Minton, Technical Support