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New Product Review

Big Sale and Tax Savings Opportunity

We're having a short end-of-year sale to help reduce inventory. Combine this with your Section 179 annual depreciation deduction and you can now MAXIMIZE your savings. By taking advantage of this, you reduce the amount of taxes you pay* for 2007 and build productivity into your business in 2008 by adding new Xenetech equipment.

Sale ends December 14, 2008.

* You should seek private counsel on the deductibility of equipment purchases from your business tax professional.

For more information

View the tax statement and complete list of sale items >>

or contact our sales department.


2008 Engraving Contest

"Engrave Like You Mean It."

Over $3,000 in prizes as well as important recognition for engraving accomplishment will be given away in our 2008 engraving contest. There is no entry fee and the category winners will receive a $300 gift certificate toward the purchase of Xenetech Products.

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Productivity Corner

Stretch. Breathe. Extend.

Occasionally, you will need to make a sign that requires a character or punctuation that differs from the typical signs you are asked to engrave. Set up your mat and relax while Ben reveals how to use extended character sets.




Engraving into Stainless

Be Fearless. Stainless is Painless. Jimmy shows you how.



Meet Xenetech

Factory Focus  - Feature our veterans

Our founder, Jay Hoffpauir, had a soft spot for hiring veterans. Perhaps it was his admiration for his father who was a bombardier during World War II.

Or maybe it was inspiration from his Cajun grandfather who, while serving in France during World War I, was very popular with other enlisted for his ability to talk to French girls.

Our Xenetech family has been joined by special additions of whom we are very proud. In honor of them, and in observance of Veterans Day, we would like to tell you a little bit about them.



Ask Customer Service

Common Questions for Everyday Users


Laser Maintenance

Gary McNatt, Xenetech Technical Support RepresentativeYour laser is a big investment and should be maintained as such.  Therefore, some routine housekeeping is paramount to keeping your laser engraver running in tip-top shape.

Your lens and mirrors should be cleaned daily by using air and then acetone with a cotton swab.

Every week, you should clean mirrors 2 & 3 as well as the columnating lens.

Most often forgotten is the monthly cleaning of mirror 1 and the combiner lens. This is really a case of "out-of-sight, out-of-mind", but neglecting to but performing these tasks can impact your machine performance. You can download maintenance posters here. Hang them by your machine as a reminder.

Don't forget to regularly inspect your exhaust hose and plenum. You want to be sure there is no lingering debris  or obstruction.  - Gary McNatt, Technical Support


Resort Plate

Jason Minton, Xenetech Technical Support RepresentativeWhen performing a lot of layout work in XGW, it is easy to lose track of the order in which all layout items will engrave. To prevent unnecessary cross-plate traversing and effectively lower overall engraving times, you can use the "Resort Plate From Top to Bottom" function under the EDIT menu. This will reset the drawing and engraving order of items from the top left of the plate, the lower right.

You can easily determine if you need to resort by repeatedly pressing the <+> key on the number pad of your keyboard. Items will be selected in the order that they will engrave. - Jason Minton, Technical Support