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New Product Review

Viper Communication Suite

Designed For the Newer Windows and streamlined for shop productivity, all Ethernet-based Xenetech Engravers run under the FREE upgrade of the new Viper Communication Suite.



Productivity Corner

Is Speed Really Important?

There has been a buzz in web chat rooms, on trade show floors, and on the shop floor about laser engraving speed. No matter how you view it, the bottom line is that faster speeds lead to greater productivity which leads to reduced cost, greater profits, and more free time.




Engraving Barcodes

The ability to engrave Barcodes allows you to leverage your current equipment investment and add another dimension of product for customers who are looking for a single supplier for all of their signage needs.



Meet Xenetech

Distributor Focus

Weather is not the only thing that's hot in the western U.S.

Steve Gonder from Xenetech Northwest is showing up in more engraving shops than the tax auditor from the IRS. read more >>


Ask Customer Service

Common Questions for Everyday Users

Arcing Tip

Ben Rosenstein - Xenetech Senior Tech Support RepresentativeAre you frustrated by trying to create arcs?

Turn that frown upside down. Try changing your begin angle to -180. By using a negative number your text will remain oriented upright but follow along the lower curve of the circle. - Ben Rosenstein, Senior Technical Support


Font Outlining

Gary McNatt, Xenetech Technical Support RepresentativeWhen engraving with True Type™ fonts from XGW, you can turn off the outline vectored pass. From the LINE/GROUP menu, select HATCH FILL SETUP and change the value for ENGRAVE OUTLINE to DON'T ENGRAVE. This is even more common for laser engraving so that text will raster without making the outline pass. - Gary McNatt, Technical Support


Optimizing Movement Jason Minton, Xenetech Technical Service Representative

Increase the default TRAVEL (non-engraving traversing movement) SPEED of your Xenetech laser engraver from the Advanced menu of the Xenetech Laser Driver. By setting this value to 50, the lens carriage will take less time to move from the mechanical home position to the start position of your engraving piece. - Jason Minton, Technical Support